2024 National Australian Artisan Baking

Baking Artisan bread is an age old tradition, sometimes passed on through generations by a skilled bread maker who has extensive knowledge
of how bread is created, and the process involved.

The artisan baker creates a distinct bread, after years of experimenting with the bread-making process and traditional baking methods.

Using only high-quality, natural ingredients, artisan bakers create products such as sourdough, croissants, rolls, Viennoiserie (breakfast pastries) & flat breads.

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  • Please ensure you provide 2 pieces of product for each class.
  • Each class is $15.00 including GST

Stewart Latter

Jason Mizzen

Shaun 'Pyney' Pyne

Shaun Pyne ran a successful finance business for more than 20 years before selling up and hitting the road to realise his life’s ambition of visiting every pie vendor and bakery in Australia, bar none.

Carolyn Cameron

Carolyn Cameron is Sector Action Plan Lead for End Food Waste Australia. She has over 40 years’ experience in environmental and strategic planning, working with the mining industry, universities, state and national governments. After leaving the role of Senior Executive with the national Department of Environment in 2015, she has been a strategic consultant on complex environmental management projects, including for the past 5 years focussing on working with industry and governments to reduce food waste.

Tony Smith

Anton Duc

Anton was called to the bar in April 2015. He has a broad practice with a particular focus in employment and family law. Since being called to the bar, Anton has represented a wide variety of clients from corporations and individuals and not for profits. He is the BAA workplace and IR relations barrister.